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Lobster Tails with Bonito Infused Butter

Who knew butter could be such a versatile ingredient? Sure, there's basic salted versus unsalted at the grocery store, but you can easily take it up a notch by infusing it in your own home! Herb versions are probably the most popular versions. A few years ago, however, I was inspired to use bonito flakes for a more Japanese-influenced taste. I've used bonito infused butter to make a delicate light sauce for shrimp pasta.

More recently, I wondered if I could use it for other seafood. Lobster felt like a good experimental choice, and indeed it worked! The bonito taste was soft enough that it didn't overpower the natural lobster taste, which I love, love, love. It was an interesting spin if you're in the mood to spruce up some of your lobster tails!

Lobster Tails with Bonito Infused Butter

Prep Time: 10 min

Cook Time: 15 min

Yields: 4


  • 4 lobster tails

  • 4 tbsp unsalted butter

  • 2 tbsp bonito flakes

  • 4 pinches of sea salt (or to taste)


  • Preheat oven by setting to "broil" on high heat.

  • While oven preheats, prep the lobster tails. Without cutting the lobster meat, use kitchen shears to cut down the top of the lobster shell (from the end to the tail). Carefully wedge your fingers between the shell and the lobster meat to loosen the meat. Then, carefully lift the lobster meat up through the cut back and have it rest on the back. Place on a lined baking tray and set aside.

  • In a small sauce pan, melt butter over medium low to medium heat (careful not to burn!). Once melted, add bonito flakes and remove sauce pan from heat. Let sit to infuse for 10 minutes. Then, use a fine-mesh sleeve to strain the butter and separate out the bonito flakes. Keep both the butter and the bonito flakes.

  • Pour about 1 small spoonful of infused butter over each lobster. If there is excess butter, keep on the side for extra dipping sauce. Season with a pinch of sea salt over each lobster.

  • Bake lobster tails on broil high for about 8-10 minutes (or until meat is white/opaque).

  • Transfer lobster tails to serving plates. Add a pinch of the cooked bonito flakes and a pinch of sea salt over each lobster tail. Serve, alongside excess infused butter.


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